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Brandon Martinez

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:


Howley Hall 213


Ph.D. - Baylor University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Sociology of Religion, Race and Ethnic Relations, Inequality

Selected Publications:

Martinez, B. Tom, J. Ferguson, T. Andercheck, B. Stroope, S. (2017) Parenting Practices and Attitudes and the Role of Belief in Supernatural Evil: Results from a National U.S. Survey. Journal of Family Issues.

Martinez, B. Tamburello, J. The Role of Whites in Lay Leadership within Latino Churches. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

Uecker, J. Martinez, B. (2017) Why Women Regret Sex in Hookups More Often Than Men Do: An Analysis of the Online College Social Life Survey. The Sociological Quarterly.(58), 470-94.

Irwin, K. Martinez, B. (2017) The Effects of Protestant Theological Conservatism and Trust on Environmental Cooperation. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.(56), 199-212.

Martinez, B. (2016) General Strain Theory, Religiosity, and Delinquency among Young Latino Americans. Deviant Behavior.

Dougherty, K. Martinez, B. Marti, G. (2015) Congregational Diversity and Attendance in a Mainline Protestant Denomination. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.(54), 668-683.

Park, J. Martinez, B. Cobb, R. Park, J. Ryu-Wong, E. (2015) Exceptional Outgroup Stereotypes and White Racial Inequality Attitudes: the Effect of the Asian American Model Minority Stereotype. Social Psychology Quarterly.(78), 399-411.

Bean, L. Martinez, B. (2014) Evangelical Ambivalence toward Gays and Lesbians. Sociology of Religion.(76), 395-417.

Martinez, B. Dougherty, K. (2013) Race, Belonging, and Participation in Religious Congregations. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.(52), 713-732.

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