Josephine A. Ruggiero


Contact Information:

Phillips Memorial Library 106


Ph.D. - Fordham University

M.A. - Sociology Fordham University

Brief Biography:

Dr. Ruggiero began her teaching career at Providence College in September, 1973. Educated at catholic, single-sex private schools in high school and college, she was committed to teaching liberal arts students and to simultaneously doing research, writing, publishing, and presenting papers at national and regional conferences. In 2007, she authored Eastern European Adoption…, a book based on extensive surveys and interviews of adoptive parents, primarily of non-infants from Russia (Transaction Publishers). After retiring, she established and is Editor in Chief of Sociology Between the Gaps: Forgotten and Neglected Topics, an innovative, online, peer reviewed, cross-disciplinary journal that has developed a growing, global readership.

Teaching Philosophy:

Engaging students in their own learning process through Instructor-posed discussion questions, classroom assignments, and small-group discussions