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Mission Statements

Department Mission 

In the pursuit of knowledge, sociology and anthropology each have their place. Though distinct in terms of theoretical lineages and perspectives – one primarily social structural (sociology) and the other primarily cultural and physical (anthropology), they share a systematic and careful effort to understand the richness and complexity of human societies and cultures.

Mission of the Sociology Major

The Sociology Major advances the mission of Providence College by cultivating a community of teaching, learning, and scholarship committed to critical thinking, academic excellence, and social justice

The Major is a program of undergraduate study that leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. Our curriculum provides a solid foundation in the key tenets of the discipline (social theory and research methods) while exposing students to a wide range of sociological issues, problems, arguments, and approaches.

The Sociology Major at Providence College fosters students’ ability to examine the world through a sociological lens. We ask how social forces, like longstanding institutions, inequalities, and power relations, shape the everyday realities of individuals. Active, engaged learning and student participation is a mainstay of our faculty’s pedagogical practice. Our diverse and varied course offerings challenge students to approach their world critically and to achieve a nuanced understanding of how inequality, marginalization, and institutionalization impact both society at large and individual opportunities and experiences. Students are introduced to sociological perspectives that are global, national, and local in scope and to social realities that reflect the complexities of race, class, gender, and culture. In addition to providing students the opportunity for in-depth study and analysis within a broad range of sociological sub-fields, our curriculum enables students to engage in the “doing of sociology” through original sociological scholarship and internship opportunities.

Ultimately, instructors in the Major seek to train sociological thinkers who can apply knowledge and perspectives within multiple and varied contexts. The Sociology Major strives to provide students with the thinking, speaking, and writing skills necessary to pursue a wide range of post-graduate endeavors, whether in non-profit and for-profit arenas, academic, or public service.

The Sociology Major is committed to continuing to meet our students’ changing needs in concert with changing demographics in the department, the college, and the field. The Major values diverse perspectives and therefore welcomes dedicated students from all religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds and all gender identities and encourages students to pursue active and rigorous academic exploration and analysis of the issues and realities of our complex society.

The Major’s mission extends beyond the classroom to incorporate the goal of democratizing the college and the profession at large by promoting diversity, providing and increasing safe spaces on campus, and creating public dialogue regarding important social issues. The Major seeks to cultivate a vibrant learning environment in which students and faculty can take part in intellectual exchange and work together for social justice.