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Zophia Edwards

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:


Howley Hall 216


Ph.D. - Boston University

Brief Biography:

Zophia's research examines the impacts of colonialism and local labor movements on state formation and human development in the Global South, with a particular focus on resource-rich countries.

Area(s) of Expertise:

Comparative Historical Sociology, Sociology of Development, Postcolonial Sociology, Labor and labor movements, Race and Ethnicity

Selected Publications:

Edwards, Z. Postcolonial Sociology as a Remedy for Global Diffusion Theory. The Sociological Review.(2020),

Edwards, Z. Applying The Black Radical Tradition: Class, Race, and a New Foundation for Studies of Development. Political Power and Social Theory.(Forthcoming),

Edwards, Z. Go, J. (2019) The Forces of Imperialism: Internalist and Global Explanations of the Anglo-European Empires, 1750-1960. The Sociological Quarterly.(60), 628-653.

Edwards, Z. (2017) Boon or Bane: Examining Divergent Development Outcomes among Oil- and Mineral-Dependent Countries in the Global South. International Journal of Comparative Sociology.(58), 304-332.

Edwards, Z. (2017) Labor, Agency, and State-building in Trinidad and Tobago: Toward a Postcolonial Sociological Approach to Development. Journal of Historical Sociology.

Edwards, Z. (2017) No Colonial Working Class, No Post-colonial Development: A Comparative-historical Analysis of Two Oil-rich Countries. Studies in International Comparative Development.

Edwards, Z. (2017) Resistance and Reforms: The Role of Subaltern Agency in Colonial State Development. Political Power and Social Theory .(33), 175-201.

Selected Presentations:

Edwards, Z. Social Science History Association . , Montreal, Canada - "Racing Toward Revolution: The Making of an Interracial Movement of ‘Warrior Workers’ in Colonial Trinidad and Tobago" November, 2017

Edwards, Z. Decolonizing the Social: A Junior Scholars’ Workshop. , - "From the West to the Rest? A Postcolonial Take on the Emergence and Diffusion of Industrial Dispute Tribunals across British colonies" May, 2017

Edwards, Z. Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association . , Seattle, WA - "No Working Class, No Development: A Comparative-historical Analysis of Two Oil-rich Countries" August, 2016

Edwards, Z. International Sociological Association. , Vienna, Austria - "Labor, Agency, and State-building: Toward a Postcolonial Sociological Approach to Development" July, 2016

Edwards, Z. Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association. , Toronto, Canada - "Bringing the Colonized Back In: Colonial Legacies, Institutions, and Development in Trinidad and Tobago" November, 2014

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